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We make people talk about you in Benelux & Nordics!

Vertigo 6 is an award winning PR and Marketing agency. We’re based in The Netherlands and our working field is the entire Benelux and Nordics region. With international experience working with companies as diverse as Electronic Arts, ASUS, SIXT, New Balance, Coca Cola and Logitech and working with global brands such as Formula One, FIFA, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Chris Brown, The Lord of the Rings and Pokémon  Vertigo 6 offers big company experience with even bigger ideas!
Vertigo 6 is a team of creatives and communicators with one goal in mind; getting the world talking about your brand!

What's in a name?

Good question! Vertigo is a 1958 psychological thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It’s also the opening track on the debut album Up the Bracket by British indie rock band The Libertines. Literally, Vertigo comes from the Latin for “a whirling or spinning movement”. In case you didn’t know, there are three types of vertigo.

The first type is ‘objective’, the second is ‘subjective’ and the last type creates a ‘buzz’ in your head. At Vertigo 6 we get the world talking about your brand by making sure that everything we do passes the vertigo test – and that means it has to work objectively, subjectively and create buzz. How can we know for sure? Well, we’ve got a sixth sense for these things.

Best Agency in Europe

In 2019 Vertigo 6 was awarded “Best Small/Mid-sized agency in Europe during the European Excellence Awards in Lisbon! In 2018 we were awarded best young agency in the Netherlands (SAN New Kids on the Block) and in 2018 and 2019 we were the highest rated boutique agency in the FONK50 based on customer surveys with an overall satisfaction score of 9,6. In 2020 FD (Dutch Financial Times) awarded us a FD Gazelle 2020: an award that goes out to the fastest growing companies in The Netherlands.

We’re proud member of Marketing Minds, DDMA and we’re guest lecturers at Nyenrode Business University.



We connect brands & consumers & media & retail & influencers & brands & concepts & events & fans & communities & ambassadors & design

Big company experience even bigger ideas

We specialise in getting the world talking about your company, product and brand.

So, how do we get the world talking about you? Firstly, we start with strategy – after all, there’s no point doing things right if you’re not doing the right things.

Secondly we devise strong and creative tactics from the strategy. We advise and effectively execute on PR, trade marketing, online marketing and gamification.

Thirdly we create your assets. We build everything that you need from logos and websites through to videos and digital ads. And last but definitely not least… we tell the world! And that’s when our expertise in media buying, Public Relations and social media really gets the world talking.

In 2021 Vertigo 6 was awarded Best Cross Media agency in The Netherlands at the Cross Media Awards and we won the number 1 position in the FONK100 with an overall customer rating of an all time high score of 9,83!

The other individual scores of the FONK100 2021 for Vertigo 6 given to us by our customers:
– Sparring partner -> 9,82
– Debriefs -> 9,71
– Work speed -> 9,88
– Accuracy -> 9,76
– Commitment & service -> 10,00 (!)
– Creativity -> 9,76
– Effectivity -> 9,88
– Administration -> 9,76
– Value for money -> 9,76
– Pro activity -> 9,88
– Business accelerator -> 9,82
– Relationship management -> 9,94
– Overall satisfaction -> 9,82
– Average score -> 9,83


Meet all the creative brains behind Vertigo 6