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Asmodee influencer campaign

Vertigo 6 - Marketing & PR / Asmodee influencer campaign

Asmodee influencer campaign

In respond to the start of the new school year, Asmodee asked us to create more awareness for games with an educational aspect. Via influencers who’s audience reach parents and children, we promoted games like Dobble, Dixit and Stella. We collaborated with three different teachers: Meester Stefan, Meester Jesper and Juf Monique. Al content of this ‘playing is learning’ campaign was posted on TikTok.

To generate awareness during autumn and the holiday period, we collaborated with 13 influencers. This generated unique and funny content with a huge reach. For example, Creachick repainted Spokenchaos and Quinn & Aaron dressed up as a (Throw Throw) Burrito. Others produced creative sketches of typical events while playing games and explained the rules.

YouTube Short Quinn & Aaron



Gen Z marketing, Influencer Marketing, Social Media, TikTok


December 28, 2022