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Blue Microphones x ‘EFFE Relativeren’

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Blue Microphones x ‘EFFE Relativeren’

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular ánd visual. Many podcasts also upload their shows to YouTube. One of the bigger podcasts in the Netherlands is the ‘effe relativeren’ show by Kaj Gorgles. A perfect fit for Blue Microphones.

We wanted a partnership that would feel natural to Kaj’s fans, so we opted out of pre-rolls, overlays or audio commercials. Blue Microphones has the very best mics for podcasts on the market, with an instantly recognisable design, so by supplying Kaj with high-end microphones and headsets we elevated his show to the next level. His fans can now see and hear the impact the new Blue gear has given the show.

EFFE Relativeren podcast



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October 16, 2021