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F1 2021 Campaign

Vertigo 6 - Marketing & PR / F1 2021 Campaign

F1 2021 Campaign

For the first time the official F1-game of Codemasters was published by EA SPORTS after the acquisition of Codemasters by Electronic Arts. Vertigo 6 supported on local PR, influencer promotions, product -, preview and review seeding, press releases and the organisation and execution of a launch event for the brand-new game F1 2021.

Together with Codemasters we’ve looked at ways to create extra local PR beats to maximize pr coverage, such as simulating the Dutch GP after absence of 36 years in the new game and organising a launch event for celebrities, media and influencers at The Official F1 Racing Centre together with radio station Slam and Red Bull. 

This resulted in coverage throughout 2021 such as, Tweakers, AD, RacingNews365, Playsense, RTL, HLN, Volkskrant, Slam, Gamemeneer, Robbie van de Graaf, Tom Coronel, Carre Albers and many more. 

Aftermovie of launch event



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December 5, 2021