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Coca Cola FIFA 20 activation

Vertigo 6 - Marketing & PR / Coca Cola FIFA 20 activation

Coca Cola FIFA 20 activation

For Coca Cola and Albert Heijn we were asked to organise a FIFA 20 retail activation hosted at their Albert Heijn store in Amersfoort. Fans waited hours in line to familiarise themselves with the latest instalment of FIFA and to compete against the famous FIFA YouTubers LuckyGraafNL, DNPNL and HartDynasty. The new Dutch FIFA commentator Sierd de Vos took pictures with fans and provided live commentary for a few matches. Over 750 visitors dropped by to play FIFA 20 and national media outlets covered the event!

Article in Telegraaf

Coca Cola & Albert Heijn


Influencer Marketing, PR, Social Media


October 30, 2019