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Football Manager 2019

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Football Manager 2019

Press kit and influencer marketing
For this years’ release of Football Manager we wanted to do something different. To make sure influencers and press felt like a real manager we send them a very special custom press kit. The kit included an old-school coach coat, a tie, football notebook, a pack of gum and of course the a hard copy of FM19, all delivered in a custom Football Manager sporting bag.

The kit was received with much enthusiasm by media and influencers a like, most of which where eager to show of their custom FM19 gear on social media.

FC Roelie influencer partnership
To reach a new audience we teamed up with YouTuber FC Roelie. A devoted FM player with a large following. Roelie made two video’s showing of both his love for the game and all the new features. The response of his fanbase was very positive, many asking for more.

Items and articles by Tweakers, Voetbalzone, VI, Power Unlimited, IGN and many more. As well as social coverage by popular YouTubers.

FC Roelie video

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October 10, 2018