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Game Mania Opening Den Haag

Vertigo 6 - Marketing & PR / Game Mania Opening Den Haag

Game Mania Opening Den Haag

Game Mania – Grand Opening Den Haag. On May 30th, Game Mania opened a new Concept Store in Den Haag. Vertigo 6 created buzz through a custom press release announcing the opening and arranged a meet & greet with popular YouTuber vThorben. Additionally, Vertigo 6 supported Game Mania by managing a pre-launch awareness campaign with a cosplayer tour in Den Haag. 10 cosplayers, dressed up like their favourite game characters took over the city.

Results: Thousands of attending consumers, social clippings by the community, popular YouTuber vThorben and publications by multiple local and gaming (SI) media.

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Game Mania


Gen Z marketing, Influencer Marketing, PR


April 3, 2019