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Panini Fortnite trading cards

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Panini Fortnite trading cards

PANINI wanted to include influencer marketing in their marketing strategy to attract Fortnite players to their new Fortnite Reloaded Official Trading Cards. To successfully reach the audience, we wanted to do something special with three awesome Fortnite influencers in the Nordics: GargeFPS from Finland, Nordavinden from Norway and Figgehn & Whippet from Sweden. Their fans got to watch the three influencers unpacking the cards and picking a skin from the cards to use it inside their Fortnite gameplay. Fans were extremely interested since they finally could buy the Fortnite Reloaded Official Trading Cards in the Nordics.

Almost 50k unique Fortnite fans (100% organic) watched the Fortnite Reloaded Official Trading Cards videos on YouTube. The influencers shared the Fortnite Reloaded Official Trading Cards at SnapChat and Instagram as well.

GarageFPS video



Gen Z marketing, Influencer Marketing, Social Media


September 28, 2020