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The Nationale StudentenenquĂȘte (NSE) is a large-scale national survey in which nearly all students in higher education are invited each year to rate their studies and institutions. The feedback is helpful to both instutions and students.

To increase response rates, we ran online campaigns for students in the Netherlands who are currently attending higher education. We used interactive advertisements and had TikTok influencers create branded content, driving reach, engagement and website traffic.


Approaching application deadline campaign
To remind students and their parents to the approaching deadline for their study application, we ran an online campaign.

The goal of the campaign was to make students aware of the approaching application deadline. The advertised content offered them tools for making their choice, and showed them where to find information. In addition, we offered parents information on what exactly needs to be arranged for the application and how they can help their child.

Additionally, we created a custom animation video which shows the application process.

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May 3, 2021